28 June 2011

exciting finds

last week my friend elyce made me aware of her blog fire away photography, which features divine little snaps she has taken on her 120mm camera. im a sucker for the aesthetic of everyday subjects snapped on a vintage camera - they're so warm and pretty. i feel a special connection with elyce's images because i am fimiliar with the subjects, while the unpredictable yet beautiful marks and tones that occur in the process of using film presents the familiar subjects in a fresh and unseen light. a whole new life has been given to them. im excited to see what else she's been snapping.

and i have been coming across this image quite a lot when i've been stalking the pin boards of pinterestthe artist is ginette lapalme. i feel super inspired by it. i think its the simplicity that has sucked me in and i always fall for the combination of geometric and organic. the surface on this driftwood has a beautiful visual aesthetic when paired with the colour and line work of the acrylic paint. 

and why just settle for sticks, why not go one better and paint a deer antler. these are so lovely. i would definitely like one to put on show in our apartment. i was a little worried when i first saw this and thought that deers were being hunted for their antlers which i am in no way supportive of. but.... did you know that deers actually naturally discard their antlers each year.  so this one was just found on the ground - phew. the talented artist is cassandra smith and you can buy painted antlers like this via her etsy shop but hurry because they do go fast.

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