27 March 2012

friday and visuals

Cake Wines is still working hard at launching their Pinot's and they are doing a great job of it!

+ Last Wednesday saw the media launch for the bottles at their Surry Hills office
+ Yesterday and today the artist videos have been released into the wild wild web
+ Still to come is Friday's exhibition at China Heights Gallery featuring Kevin Tran, Kill Pixie, Beci Orpin and myself.

my label design for the Pinot Grigio

Kevin Tran's design for the Pinot Noir

Hollie Martin for Cake Wines

Kevin Tran for Cake Wines

and heres a taste of what you will be seeing from me at the exhibition


  1. love your watercolour art. what paints are you using there? cheers

    1. Thanks Joel. I just use the round el cheapo set. Do you know the one? I have always used them and still really like them