07 May 2012

Stacey Rozich

Last months issue of Yen magazine brought to my attention the awesome work of Stacey Rozich.  It reminds me a lot of Tara Marynowsky's pieces in that it's the product of a narrative being told, and also the fact that they both work with the beautiful medium of watercolour, but Rozich's is in more of a controlled manner.  The works show tribal influences and boast gorgeous combinations of organic and geometric shapes and marks.  The characters are adorned in brightly coloured, layered costumes that create a basis for the narratives being drawn.  This informs Rozich's subject, which is folklore from around the world.  Each image looks like the set of a play and as the viewer you manage to feel the movement and energy of the performance.  Extremely impressive work!

Gator Play your Records for Me

It's Here

Ode to Tito


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